The purpose of Fine Arts is to glorify our Creator and celebrate our roles as His image bearers through creative expression and invention! All of life is an act of worship, and Sunnyside Christian School encourages students to participate in a variety of fine arts activities.

We practice patience and encouragement to learn from our mistakes and each other. As students grow in their knowledge of art, it is our hope they will take these experiences and share their art to bring joy, beauty, and truth to God’s world.


Students begin learning about God’s gift of music as an avenue to praise Him at an early age. Students in pre-school incorporate music in learning. Students in kindergarten through 4th grade have music class twice a week. They learn to worship our Creator through instruments and voice. The elementary students perform programs twice a year using drama and music to share of God’s love.



Sunnyside Christian engages students in a deeper understanding and appreciation of music through the development of the God-given instrument inside each of us: the voice. We were created to worship our Creator. Singing plays a central role in expressing praise and honor for what God has done for us through Jesus.

Students become part of a larger choir beginning in 5th grade. SCS offers both a junior high (5th-8th grade) choir and a high school choir (9th-12th grade).



God has placed us in a world with the raw materials of music–pitch, resonance and time–and has given each of us the ability to create music. We respond by praising God for this wonderful gift and by using music that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

Students can opt to begin playing an instrument in 5th grade and have the opportunity to continue through their whole school career. Programs include:

5th Grade Beginner Band

6th Grade Band

7th/8th Grade Jr. High Band

9th-12th Grade High School Band

Pep Band



Students have the option of taking drama class at the high school level. In this course, they learn all the aspects of producing a show. Kids can be involved onstage, but they also learn the various “behind the scenes” jobs required for a successful production.



God has created an amazing world in which we live. SCHS photography class encourages students to learn various ways to capture the beauty around us. Students learn how to take interesting photographs to capture the attributes of God displayed in all of creation.



The process of creating is a wonderful thing to witness. It is not easily defined, neat and tidy, or predictable. But it is engaging, surprising, and alive. Students are encouraged to develop their gifts to use them to the best of their abilities as an expression of worship.