Private Christian kindergarten

Kindergarten at Sunnyside Christian

It feels like only yesterday that you were assisting your child in mastering the use of a spoon and guiding them as they took their first steps. And now, you’re preparing to pack their lunch, tie their shoes, and send them off on the school bus.

It’s time for Kindergarten!

Why SCS Kindergarten?

Kindergarten parents in the Lower Yakima Valley choose Sunnyside Christian for:

  • Christ-centered focus – Every subject is taught from a Christian perspective
  • A Safe Learning Environment – Physical, spiritual, and emotional safety is our priority
  • Small Class Sizes – We limit our class size so that each child is known and cared for
  • Family Feel Community – We strive to build an intentional community where all feel welcome

A Day in the Life of an SCS Kindergartener

private christian kindergarten student talking to teacher at desk

Starting our Day

When I get off the bus, Mrs. Ter Hune greets me at the classroom door with a smile. I can always count on that smile! I put my backpack on my hook and say hi to my friends. It’s going to be a great day in Kindergarten!


When we gather around the calendar, I get excited. We sing our days of the week and months of the year song, count how many days we’ve been in school, and talk about the weather and seasons. I love to count and sound out the words Mrs. Ter Hune shows us. 

private christian kindergarten girl looking at book


I really enjoy class devotions – it’s one of my favorite parts of the day. We get to learn about Jesus! Mrs. TerHune asks us for prayer requests, then we pray for each other, our families, our friends, and our school.

Math & Literacy centers

Next, we do our Centers, specifically Math and Literacy Centers. I really like Centers because I get to work on projects with my friends and engage my whole body in learning. I’m allowed to stand while I work, be creative with my hands, see what my friends are working on, and explain how I do my work. 


Have I mentioned recess? We get three recesses – morning, lunch, and afternoon. Of course, I love recess because we have a playground that feels like it was built just for me. The monkey bars, slides, and swings are my favorite.


Depending on the day, we leave our classroom in the afternoon for a variety of reasons. Some days it’s music class with Ms. Spear, or we go to the library, or we have PE outside or in the gym. I like walking through the hallways and peeking into the other classrooms or waving at Mrs. Duim in the office.

ending our Day

Plan. Do. Review. That’s what we do at the end of our day together. This time helps me to realize what I need most. We have dramatic play, arts and crafts, reading, and working on my fine and gross motor skills. Sometimes, I just want to eat a snack and quietly read a book or take a nap, and that’s ok! Mrs. TerHune says this process helps us do our work efficiently. That word makes her smile, so it must be a good thing. When I hear these words, I know I need to clean up my area and meet on the carpet so I can share my plan for this special time in our day.

riding the bus

Now it’s time to ride the bus back home. I’m ready to tell my mom all about my day. My bus driver is kind and sometimes plays Christian music on the radio so we can sing along.

SCS Parent Info Packet

A Place Where Your Kindergartener Will Thrive

Download our parent guide learn more about how Sunnyside Chrisitan School can meet the needs of your child.

Download Parent guide

Parent Involvement

Having parents involved in the school is an integral part of a child’s learning experience. When a child sees their parent working alongside them, and investing their time, they feel valued.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to clear and consistent communication. Parents stay up-to-date on what learning activities are taking place in the classroom and what events are happening at the school. Parents meet with the teacher three times a year to discuss the learning strengths and opportunities for their child. 

Sunnyside Christian School requires 30 hours of volunteering for the school, and we make many opportunities available for parents, including:

  • Helping with classroom activities like art projects
  • Chaperoning field trips
  • Serving on school committees

To get the best feel of our Kindergarten, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with admissions

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