Developing the Whole Child at Sunnyside Christian School

Students are encouraged to be active participants in the educational process. Sunnyside Christian School strives to develop a well-rounded experience where students are encouraged to actively engage in the opportunities provided.  Besides the academic experience in the classroom, students are encouraged to grow socially and emotionally and physically through other opportunities. 

Students are encouraged to participate in activities offered to build community and a sense of belonging. School athletics are available for junior high and high school students. Students are also encouraged to be involved in activities like student council, fine arts (drama, band, choir), game club/STEM activities, and FFA.

Faith Development:

At Sunnyside Christian School, we value and emphasize faith development as much as academic development.  Children are challenged and educated to grow in their faith through:

Biblical Integration:

Students are taught from a Christian perspective where Biblical integration is key.  Regardless of curriculum area, students are shown that God is involved in all aspects of life. 

Bible Curriculum:

As part of the academic schedule, students participate in Bible class.  Instruction is given in age-appropriate lessons where students learn the Word of God and how to apply it to their lives.


K-12th grades – Several times throughout the school year, we have all school chapels where the entire student body and staff meet for a time of corporate worship.

K-8th grades – The kindergarten -8th grade students meet monthly for chapel.

9th-12th grades – The high school meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for short chapel gatherings. 

Small Groups:

At the elementary school, students participate in small group chapels monthly. They are divided into grade level groups of Kindergarten-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and 6th-8th grade.

At the high school, students participate in cross-grade level small groups led by teachers.

Student Life:

Faith development occurs in all aspects of the school day.  Students share in devotions and prayer within the classroom.  Behavioral expectations in and out of the structured classroom use the Bible as a standard.

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