Why Choose Sunnyside Christian School?

Choosing a school for your child is an important decision.

When you enroll at Sunnyside Christian School, you don’t just join a school, you join a family.

At SCS, students are not lost in a sea of thousands of faces, overlooked or overshadowed. Students and their families are known by name. We offer opportunities for students to discover their gifts and lifelong passions through education, extracurricular activities, and more. We strive to develop the entire student — mind, body and spirit — by helping them discover their faith, potential, passion, and purpose.

Sunnyside Christian School offers an outstanding educational experience from preschool through high school for children in Lower Yakima Valley.

Sunnyside Christian School exists to glorify God by creating an environment for growth for the students and family members who become part of the school community.  Our hope is that individuals will receive the nurturing and training needed to make a significant impact on the community and world for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Sunnyside Christian School is committed to training students in the following ways:

  • Developing a real and personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • Living the Christian life according to God’s standards
  • Working diligently in all things
  • Maintaining academic and moral integrity
  • Faithfully supporting the local church
  • Developing positive interpersonal relationships

We expect students to be teachable in these areas. We do not expect perfection, but rather learning from successes and failures to grow in faith and knowledge.  We ask parents to support the school and its effort to provide a distinctly Christian education that equips students.  Christian education requires that we all — students, parents, and staff — work together in partnership as a team. This is best accomplished through communication and cooperation. 

It is our prayer that each student will submit to the authority of Jesus Christ as the Lord of their life and would be open to His leading in every aspect of their lives, both in and out of school.

Why Should You Consider Sunnyside Christian School For Your Child?

  • Strong academic program
  • Small classes affording individual attention
  • Caring, Christian teachers
  • Christ-centered Biblical instruction
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Academic help is available to students who have difficulties with specific subjects

Steps Toward Enrollment

  1. Download a Parent Info Packet – this packet will tell you all you need to know about life at Sunnyside Christian School.
  2. Tour our campus – you have to experience SCS for yourself. Come walk our hallways, talk with our teachers, and see our classes in action.
  3. Submit your application
  4. Interview with the Admissions Team – this is a great opportunity for us to get to know you!
  5. Accept offer for enrollment

We can’t wait to meet you!