Variable Tuition FAQs

Should every new Sunnyside Christian family submit an application for Variable Tuition?

No. Only families who feel that they are not able to pay full tuition should submit an application.

Do I need to apply for Variable Tuition every year?

Yes.  Each year the family must submit their application online through FACTS Tuition Management. 

Do I need to apply for admission separately from applying for Variable Tuition?

Yes. For new students, an application for admission to the school must be submitted before an application for Variable Tuition.

If I do not qualify for the program this year, can I apply again next year?

Yes. A family that does not qualify is welcome to reapply the following year.

Will applying for Variable Tuition hurt my student’s chance of being admitted to the school?

No. Admission applications and Variable Tuition applications are evaluated separately, and an application for Variable Tuition has no bearing on the admission process.

What kind of economic situation is typical of a family who qualifies for Variable Tuition? Are some families awarded full tuition?

No. Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Our commitment to providing Variable Tuition means that we are sharing in that investment with you.

Are all admitted students offered Variable Tuition if the family qualifies?

No. Unfortunately, the school does not have the ability to offer Variable Tuition to every student who qualifies for both admission and Variable Tuition. A student may be admitted to the school but placed on a waiting list for Variable Tuition. It is recommended that families apply for Variable Tuition in the spring before fall enrollment.

How are my finances evaluated?

SCS has partnered with FACTS Tuition Management’s Grant and Aid division to provide each family with a strictly confidential application process.  For more information, please view the flyer. – English Flyer  Spanish Flyer

How is Variable Tuition funded?

Variable Tuition is funded through several avenues including but not limited to: 

  • Fall Drive
  • Booster Club Auction
  • SCS Foundation scholarships
  • Church donations
  • Individual donations

Who should apply for Variable Tuition?

If the cost of a Sunnyside Christian School education is beyond a family’s financial means, they should apply for tuition assistance. Income may not preclude the possibility of assistance since other dependents, other tuition costs, considerable debt (excluding consumer debt), unusual medical expenses, or some other extraordinary financial burden are considerations. The entire process is confidential. Within the limits of available funds, Sunnyside Christian School seeks to provide tuition assistance grants to all qualified students.  Tuition assistance is available for Kindergarten – 12th grade. 

What if I am already at the school, but I have never applied for assistance?

Sunnyside Christian School accepts tuition assistance applications from returning families who have not received tuition assistance in the past on the same basis as any other family requesting tuition assistance. The same deadlines apply to returning students.