The SCS Foundation started the Legacy Group in order to give supporters an opportunity to be a part of an annual addition to the SCS Foundation’s endowment fund. The endowment fund is a “nest egg” for Sunnyside Christian School. It is a fund that will continue to grow through donations and investment and ensure the future of Sunnyside Christian School in the Lower Yakima Valley.

In order to have more people get involved in growing the Foundation’s endowment fund, the SCS Foundation created the Legacy Group. Members of the Legacy Group pledge to donate $50 per year for singles and $100 per year for couples. We hope to grow this “committed to the future of SCS” group to 75 members! We reached 62 couples and individuals in 2015-2016!

Many of you come from a long history of Christian education and are following the legacy that came before you. Some of you are just beginning the legacy for your family. You are now part of a greater group of people creating a legacy for our community. 

If you would like to join the Legacy Group, please click the Pledge button below. Thank you, and God bless!