Mr. Elenbaas

Jason Elenbaas
High School English Teacher
This year I will be teaching:
Language Art Skills (9th)
World Literature (10th)
American Literature (11th)
Advanced Composition and Speech (12th)
SAT Prep (11th and 12th)
Pre-Algebra (9th)
Advanced PE (11th and 12th )
I am grateful to be a part of the SCS community which cares deeply about each student and encourages each one to serve Christ in all he or she does. I love the chance that I get to teach from the perspective of God’s Word and with eternity in mind. 
Some other things I enjoy about teaching English at SCHS include the opportunity to get to know and work with each student and the challenge and the opportunity of teaching a wide variety of classes everyday. 
When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my wife Michelle, daughter Jayna and sons Micah and Benjamin. I also enjoy reading, gardening, hiking, and watching high school sports.

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