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Spanish Class


Our classes use the follwing McDougal Littell Textbooks as our primary resources.  

(Point of interest:  Access games and activities created by the publishers through these links!)

Class Zone Esp. 1

Class Zone Esp. 2

Class Zone Esp. 3


With the aid of a new friend, George Head, a retired teacher with 50+ years of Spanish experience, I adopted then adapted the
from Blaine & Von Ray to suit our schools adopted curriculum  - the En Español series.
This curriclulum uses story-telling in the target language to maximize Spanish exposure and maintain student interest.  

Textbooks are on our class and available to students; however vocabulary lists, stories & grammar practices will be given in class to students to take home.  Below and in the left-hand side of the teacher links, one can access all lists and extra activities we will be using in class.