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Dawn Haak, College Adviser

College planning choices are some of the most important decisions our high school students will have to make in the coming years. The "where," "when," "how," "why," and "if" are all things that need to be addressed.  I've gathered some links and resources that I have found helpful in answering students' and parents' questions about college, scholarships, pre-college testing, and financial aid.  You can also reference the right sidebar for dates of upcoming tests at our school and college representative visits.

I encourage you to contact me at the high school with any questions about college planning, testing, or scholarships.  I'm here to help!


This list shows scholarships that are currently accepting applications. New listings will be in the daily announcements.  In general, more national scholarships are available starting in the Fall and more local and regional scholarships become available in January-May.  (They do not need as long of a selection time.)  Remember to read all qualifications carefully so you don't waste time on scholarships you are not eligible for!

      • US Citizen and Yakima County Resident
      • High School Senior or current college student
      • Planning to pursue or currengly pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree at an accredited college

      Scholarship finalists are selected on the basis of financial need, academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, awards and honors, work experience, statement of goals and aspirations, unusual personal or family circumstances, and an outside appraisal.

    • Recipients will receive an annual award of either $7,500 for a 4-year college or $3,000 for a 2-year college.  All scholarships may be renewed for additional years if requirements are met.

      Yakima Rotary Trust has distributed over 5.4 million dollars in scholarships to over 301 students since the program began in 2010.



  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 2/22/2020
  • Amount: $7,500
    • The Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF) is the charity of the tree fruit industry. Our mission is to impact lives through access to educational opportunities. WAEF scholarships assist college bound students raised in tree fruit districts attend college.

      • Many of the scholarships are for students with family in the Tree Fruit industry or planning to enter the tree fruit industry, however some are open to all students.  Students fill out a single application to be considered for all scholarships for which they are qualified.
      • In addition, WAEF is adding a special scholarship application for students pursuing Trade/Technical school or community college.  If this describes you, WAEF recommends filling out BOTH applications.
    • Awards vary from $500 to several thousand dollars.  100+ students from Yakima County received awards in 2015-16.


  • Category: Scholarship (WA)
  • Due Date: 3/1/2020
  • Amount: Varies
      • Graduating in 2020
      • Parent is a customer of Northwest Farm Credit Services or an employee of a customer.
        • Grandparent is not acceptable.
      • Plan to attend college within the next year
      • All majors are acceptable, however preference will be given to agriculture-related fields of study
      • Scholarship winners will be selected based on:
        • Grades - 10 points
        • Leadership - 35 points
        • Extracurricular activities - 35 points
        • Personal essay - 20 points
    • 32 awards of $2,000 will be given to high school seniors in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Category: Scholarship (Northwest Region)
  • Due Date: 3/1/2020
  • Amount: $2,000
    • For area seniors.
      May be used at any college toward any major.

    • Two scholarships of $1,250 will be awarded in May.
      Each is renewable one time.

    • Instructions are provided below for your reference, however a Scholarship Application form must be obtained from Mrs. Haak.  It is not available online.

  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 3/12/2020
  • Amount: $1,000
      • Entering Freshman or above at a Christian college/university within the year
      • Resident of Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington
      • Minimum 3.0 GPA
      • In need of financial assistance
      • Character qualities exhibiting a potential to excel

      Please note, financial need and academic achievement are very strongly emphasized by the selection committee.

    • Recipients of the Arthur & Tiia Brown Family Foundation Scholarship will receive awards in the minimum amount of $5,000. The recipients may continue to receive their scholarship through the completion of their education. However, continuation of a scholarship is contingent upon the recipients’ satisfactory academic performance including the maintenance of a minimum 3.0 GPA and the provision of annual transcripts indicating courses taken.


  • Category: Scholarship (Northwest Region)
  • Due Date: 3/15/2020
  • Amount: $5,000+/yr.
    • Please note that these scholarships are run by WSU Extension but the general ones do not need to be used at WSU.  A minimum of 2 years 4-H experience is required, but you do not need to be a current member.

      -General 4-H scholarship application is due March 15. 

      -WSU CAHNRS Scholarships for 4-H students planning to attend the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University is due March 15.

    • Scholarships vary from $500-3,000


  • Category: Scholarship (WA)
  • Due Date: 3/15/2020
  • Amount: $500-3,000
    • Available to graduating seniors from SHS or SCHS.
      Applicants will be judged on:

      • 75% Essay (Topic is provided)
      • 25% Grades, extracurriculars, community service, recommendations, and financial need.
      • Finalists will be interviewed about their essasy.
    • A total of $6,000 to one candidate or split among the top few candidates.  

      Payment will be applied to a student's 2nd semester of college, provided student achieves a 2.5 or higher in the first semester of college.

    • See Mrs. Haak for a paper application or print out the following attachment:


  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 3/16/2020
  • Amount: $6,000
    • Available to graduating seniors from SHS or SCHS.
      Applicants will be judged on:

      • 70% Essay (Topic is provided)
      • 30% Extracurriculars, community service.
    • $2,500 will be awarded to one applicant.

    • See Mrs. Haak for a paper application or print out the following:

  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 3/16/2020
  • Amount: $2,500
      • High School Senior with at least a 2.9 GPA or college student with at least a 2.5 GPA.
      • Yakima Valley Resident
      • Immediate family member of a household deriving major income from dairying or dairy supported agribusiness (ex.: Dairy Service.)
      • OR Pursuing a degree related to the dairy industry.
      • Planning to attend an accredited institution next year (University, College, Community College, or Tech Program.)
    • At least 1 scholarship of $1,000 with a possibility for more if there are enough well-qualified applicants.

  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 3/20/2020
  • Amount: $1,000
      • Applicant, applicant's mother, or applicant's grandmother must be a current active member of the Yakima Valley Dairy Women.
      • Applicants may be male or female.
      • GPA of 2.5 or higher
      • Must be planning to attend university, college, community college, vocational, or technical school in the next year.
    • A minimum of $500 will be awarded to the top applicant(s).

  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 3/20/2020
  • Amount: $500+
      • Female high school senior
      • Applying to/accepted for full-time enrollment in an accredited college for Fall 2020
    • One time award of $1,250.

      Occasionally the committee will split another award for runners-up.

    • Follow all instructions carefully to avoid being disqualified.  The committee will throw away applications with typos or grammatical errors.

  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 4/1/2020
  • Amount: $1,250
      • Senior Girl from our area
      • Based upon:
        • Scholarship (Grades)
        • Leadership
        • Service
        • Accurate Completion of Application
    • Typically 1-2 scholarships ranging from $750-$1,000 are awarded.  

      The scholarship will be sent directly to your college after you have successfully completed a semester or term of study with no less than a 2.5 GPA.

  • Category: Scholarship (Local/Area)
  • Due Date: 4/25/2020
  • Amount: Varies
  • Connect to Washington scholarship providers...for FREE!  Making a profile on this site will show you scholarship listings that you are eligible for and help you submit applications for them.  

  • This article also describes a few things to look for when applying for scholarships to make sure you are not tricked by a scholarship scam. 


  • Students with financial need may qualify to take the SAT and ACT for free.

  • The SAT Reasoning test is required for admission by some colleges.  Tests are offered about 6 times per school year at various High Schools in the area.  You will need to register and pay online.  See Mrs. Haak if you have questions!

  • Here you can register for the ACT, required by some colleges for admission.  When you sign up, you will need our school code to make sure your scores are sent to our school. The code is 481-349.  The ACT is offered at SCHS in October and April.  Other test dates may be available at nearby locations.
         To find out if the colleges you are considering require the optional writing test, follow this link: 
         ACT Writing Test: College's Decsions

Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the first step in applying for financial aid each year you attend college.  The FAFSA can be filled out after October 1st of your senior year.  The following videos are a good resource to familiarize yourself with the process of applying and what to expect.

College Planning and Testing Events