Mrs. Haak

Dawn Haak
High School Art Teacher, College Adviser, Librarian

I have been with Sunnyside Christian for over a decade! I have really enjoyed getting to know the High School students and helping them plan for careers and colleges.  It is so amazing to see them get excited about life after High School and take an interest in the future.

This year I am teaching 9th Grade Photography, 10th Grade Advanced Computers, and Art for all grades.  It has been very rewarding to provide the students with a creative outlet.  Watching my students improve at their own pace as they learn more about art is really exciting.  Every student has a unique way of looking at the world.  Every student has something different to say, and it becomes apparent by the things they choose to create.

When I'm not at the school I enjoy knitting, painting, playing video games, reading, fishing and skiing. 



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