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Sharing Our Story - Duane and Kelly Harrington

May 22, 2017
By Duane and Kelly Harrington

Duane and Kelly Harrington have three daughters: Jordan (SCHS Class of 2015), Aydan (SCHS Class of 2017), and Devan (third grade). They attend First Baptist Church in Sunnyside.

Why did you choose Sunnyside Christian for your children?
Duane and Kelly: We wanted our children to receive an education centered on Christ and His Word.

Sunnyside Christian tuition is an investment in your children. Why is it worth it?
Duane and Kelly: The comfort of knowing our children have been and are being educated according to God's Word is priceless. In addition, the high academic quality at Sunnyside Christian School is competitive and comparable to other schools that have much higher tuitions.

What do you like most about the education your child receives at SCS? 
Duane and Kelly: We feel the SCS education prepares our children for the challenges of college and, most importantly, life, extremely well.

If any, tell us about changes you have seen in your child/family since attending SCS.
Duane and Kelly: We have seen a love for God and for humanity develop in our children that we know with certainty comes from the education at SCS coupled with our home and church lives.

If someone was thinking about sending their child to SCS, what would you tell them?
Duane and Kelly: The investment you make in an education for your child/children at SCS will be unparalleled in its reward for your children and your family for the rest of your lives.

If applicable, tell us how your education growing up is different than what your children are experiencing at SCS.
Duane and Kelly: Kelly and I both attended Sunnyside public schools, and though we feel we had an overall good experience, we now see through our children, we were missing a vitally important spiritual component only received through a Christian school education.

How are you as parents involved in Sunnyside Christian?
Duane and Kelly: An amazing blessing that Sunnyside Christian School offers is the availability for parents to be hands on, involved in their children's education. We have enjoyed the opportunities to help in the classrooms, coach/lead various sports activities, and attend our children's numerous school events.

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