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Why PE is Important...and Fun!

February 01, 2017
By Michelle DeBoer

Physical Education, a simple 30 minute class for our Littles, seems to consistently be a favorite, and I am fortunate enough to teach it. They love the opportunity to run around freely- moving and shaking what our Creator gave them. Unbeknownst to them it is much more then exercise.

Physical Education is not simply for kids to learn to exercise. Along with physical skills, they learn to cooperate, share, predict, listen, goal set, adapt; be kind to others, share, have grace, love, etc. The more I observe the students in my class, the more I see the Bible come alive through them. And I can't help but picture a gigantic Father God who takes great delight in the joyful smiles on the faces of the Littles down below.

I see their bodies as an expression of worship to the Creator. From the way they move to the status of their hearts. They begin excited to have fun and be silly, or on the contrary, too shy to be fun and silly. When they do put their heart into it, they can get frustrated when something isn't easy enough for them. Then they want to quit. They want to pout. They want to be mean to others. Or perhaps they are excited about their performance. They want to brag. They want to be proud. They want to be mean. But as they come more often to PE, spend time with their classmates and are trained at home, I see their social, physical and emotional changes. Then I imagine our loving God smiling from above watching them move and shake the hearts He gave them.

In light of these factors, giving formal grades based on abilities is extremely difficult for me. I do formal and informal assessments for my own information and base their grades off attitude and participation.

My goals as a PE teacher include developing a love for movement, incorporating Godly principles within athletics and increasing skills. The seven different skills I target are: flexibility, strength, endurance, speed, agility, coordination, and balance. I work to incorporate each skill monthly, if not weekly. I work through a variety of sports and manipulatives from juggling scarves to basketball and hockey hoping one of these will excite and inspire. Each heart has a different love. Something must be going well because they are all smiles when they come each day!

Much like our Littles, I didn't realize how special of a class PE is nor how big of an impact it can have. I find myself fortunate to be the instructor for this class and hope I honor Him as I help guide minds and bodies in their worship.

Gary Kamps says:
February 01, 2017 12:46 PM CST

Great Blog from a great PE teacher.  It rewarding to watch Mrs. DeBoer interact with her students.  They have fun while learning.