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Sharing Our Story - Scott and Melanie Smeenk

June 17, 2016
By Scott and Melanie Smeenk

Why did you choose Sunnyside Christian for your children? 

Scott and Melanie: We chose SCS for our kids because getting a Christian education for our kids is a priority to us. We both attended SCS and want to see it grow and thrive for our kids and generations to come.

Sunnyside Christian tuition is an investment in your children. Why is it worth it?

Scott and Melanie: Investing in a Christian education is worth it to us because we can’t think of anything better to invest in than our children. We strive to raise them to be competent and confident individuals who can contribute to society. As believers of Christ, we hope they will become strong men of God who can continue to impact others in a positive way and honor God throughout their life. By providing them with an education that is grounded by Christian morals, we are equipping them with the tools they will need to tackle the tough situations life can bring.

What do you like most about the education your child receives at SCS? 

Scott and Melanie: We like that the classes are small enough for teachers to be able to get to know each child, individually. We appreciate the communication between teachers and parents. It’s a great relief to know that if a problem arises at school, someone will contact us so we can work together to correct the issue. We love knowing that the teachers and staff at SCS see each child the way God does, as a wonderfully and uniquely made child of God with their own gifts and talents.

If any, tell us about changes you have seen in your child/family since attending SCS. 

Scott and Melanie: I think for us, a fun change was going from being students of SCS to parents of kids at SCS, and walking down those same halls with them! It really opened our eyes to how much God has blessed the school over the years, and we truly hope that SCS continues to further impact our community for God’s glory.  We also agree, that we have a new-found appreciation for the investment our parents made in us, by giving us a Christian education.

If someone was thinking about sending their child to SCS, what would you tell them?

Scott and Melanie: If someone was considering SCS for their kids we would encourage them to try it. It IS an investment, but like I said – it’s so worth it! SCS has great teamwork between the staff and parents and they really strive to work with each family. We are a strong community of families working together to help our children have bright and healthy futures. We also know that our children are safe and well cared for while they are at school; we have seen how the staff looks after each child as if they were their own and that is very reassuring.

In fact, during 2nd grade, our oldest son’s class could earn tickets as a reward for good behavior. One of the items they could use their tickets for was lunch with the principal! You might wonder if any child would actually choose that as a reward, but in fact one particular day our son told us that 7 of the kids chose to eat their lunch with the principal; and that just made me smile to imagine all of them having lunch together. It’s clear that he is also investing in our kids by building relationships with them, and that is something to be valued. 

If applicable, tell us how your education growing up is different than what your children are experiencing at SCS.

Scott and Melanie: We both attended SCS, and there was no pre-school at that time; which has been a great addition in recent years. Both our boys attended pre-school and it was just enough time to help them gain confidence and become familiar with being in school without being gone all day; they both adjusted to kindergarten gracefully.

When we were in Jr. High we did typing class on the old type writers…no auto correct, if you hit the wrong key you couldn’t hide it! This year our son had to bring a flash drive to school, to save his computer work on which wasn’t something we ever needed, so we appreciate the schools efforts to keep current with technology so that our kids will have a good understanding of that. 

Other than the ever changing technology world, I don’t see any change in the quality of our education in comparison to our kids; that’s one thing SCS does with excellence. We were very well prepared for life and I am confident that our boys will be too.

How are you as parents involved in Sunnyside Christian?

Scott and Melanie: Our favorite way to be involved at SCS is by participating in the classroom and attending field trips or special days at school.  It is so much fun to be involved with our kids at school, get to know their classmates and see how they interact with others. It is such a joy and privilege to have the opportunity to be so involved in every aspect of our boys’ lives, we are so grateful for SCS!

Jan H Albrecht says:
June 18, 2016 03:28 PM CST

Very well done! Knowing both Scott and Melanie, it's very nice to hear them be advocates for SCS. I think a very, very high percentage can look back and know they received the best in education. Thanks to you both!