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Sharing Our Story - The Alseth Family

May 06, 2015
By Tyler and Stacy Alseth

Sunnyside Christian School has not only helped our children grow in their relationship with God, it has helped us. When we decided to send our first child to Sunnyside Christian, we felt an urge to start living our lives more for God than ourselves. We wanted our children to learn to know and love God not only from us but from school. 

Since that day we made the decision and have changed the focus of our family. We are a God-focused family, and I believe the Christian school has helped us maintain that focus. 

Our children love going to Sunnyside Christian! They feel supported and loved just like they do at home. We as parents feel like school is their second home. The whole staff knows each child and parent by name and makes them feel welcome each and every day.

Not only have our children grown in their Christian lives but they have been successful in the classroom due to the academic standards at Sunnyside Christian School.

Ella, our ten-year-old, says, "Everyone is nice to you, the teachers talk about God and we get closer to God."

Sadie, our eight-year-old, says, "We get to learn about God, the teachers teach us to make good choices, and to help others.  We also learn God's Word from the Bible and sing songs about God. Instead of sitting inside all day we get to go outside and move around."

Gunnar, our six-year-old, says he loves everything about the school! When asked to be more specific, he says, "Science, PE, math and music. I like my teacher. She is nice, I also learned that God is our King."

Tyler and Stacy Alseth and their three children attend First Baptist Church.

Michael Hughes says:
May 06, 2015 04:09 PM CST
What a great story! Praise the LORD!!!
Millesa Park says:
May 06, 2015 04:16 PM CST

Great testimony. Gunnar is such a sweet boy!