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Sharing Our Story - The Allen Family

April 30, 2015
By Vanessa Allen

Why did you choose Sunnyside Christian for your children?
For one, I have always believed that education has always been one of the most important decisions we as parents make. We believed that our children will benefit from a Christian school education. We want them to be surrounded by the Lord's Word. We want them to grow up with Christ in their hearts. It is important to us, as parents, that we do all that we can to raise our children with morals and values.

We, personally have always wanted our children to go to SCS, I always remember before enrolling our daughter Brianna passing by the school and saying, ''One day my children will go there." Andrew and I also went to a private school growing up and we have always believe that a true Christian education involves not only a Christian home, church, but most importantly a school.

We absolutely love the fact that SCS not only provides numerous spiritual, academic, and social benefits for our daughter but has also provided a caring and safe environment for her.

Since Brianna has attended SCS, we have seen her thrive socially and academically. SCS has helped her to continue to cultivate a stronger relationship with Christ that is truly unbelievable. My daughter has an increased awareness of God in her life and I see her questioning what God thinks about situations that she is faced with.

If someone was thinking about sending their child to SCS, what would you tell them?
I would tell them it's the best investment for  their children's future!

How are you as parents involved in Sunnyside Christian?
We get to volunteer in the classroom with various projects, which I personally love I get to meet Brianna's friends and interact with them. I also volunteer for Mom's Hot Lunch. 

Andrew and Vanessa Allen have one child at Sunnyside Christian School: Brianna is in 2nd grade. They have two other younger children at home: Aulani and Ezra. They attend St. Joseph's Catholic Church.