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Sharing Our Story - The Foster Family

April 22, 2015
By Lisa Foster

Sunnyside Christian High School is and has been an amazing opportunity for our son and family.  After homeschooling Tanner in his early to mid-teen years, we felt the need to find a positive transition from home schooling to a more ‘typical’ classroom setting. Our concern was finding a curriculum that would be challenging and an environment that would put Christ first. Looking for, not only a spiritual environment, but looking academically towards college. Sunnyside Christian High School was that perfect match for Tanner.  At SCHS, Tanner has thrived, not only in his journey toward a higher education but more importantly, in his belief in Christ.

As a parent, I so appreciate how the teachers allow Tanner to be Tanner. There is such a gift by both teachers and staff to see potential in all the students and they don’t force square pegs into round holes. They have developed leadership skills in Tanner that will apply to all areas of his life. It has amazed me, when many teachers would have seen Tanners’ wittiness as totally inappropriate, SCHS teachers and staff were able to give encouragement but set a standard of conduct to enable him to grow in both ingenuity and acceptable behavior. In fact, they were able to see Tanners’ strengths and abilities in such a positive light that it has allowed for remarkable learning and growth.

If Tanner had not been exposed to these positive influences, he would have missed seeing himself as they see him; an amazing young man with endless possibilities for his future. Tanner isn’t an exception at SCHS, each student is important to all of the Sunnyside Christian Community.    

Our family attends ‘Simply Jesus’ services in Yakima. Along with our own family perspective, Sunnyside Christian has helped to solidify Tanners’ belief in Christ with Chapel, classroom devotions and other Christ centered activities. All of these opportunities have provided space for him to examine what he believes and grow in his relationship with Christ.

Sunnyside Christian High School is an excellent choice when exploring educational opportunities. Students have a smaller teacher-student ratio, athletics, band/choir and drama, to name a few additional benefits. If faced with having to select a school again, I would choose Sunnyside Christian High School.

Laura Eisenga says:
April 22, 2015 02:37 PM CST

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story! As I read through this, I can agree with you on so many points having gone through SCHS and now having my kids in Kindergarten.