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Sharing Our Story - The Villalobos Family

April 15, 2015
By Ramon Villalobos

My family and I just wanted to share a few words to everyone about my son’s experience transitioning from a public school to the Sunnyside Christian.  My name is Ramon Villalobos and my wife is Edith Villalobos, and we have three kids: Abigail, Eric and Jared Villalobos.  Abby is a 17 year-old senior, Eric is a 14 year-old eighth grader and Jared is a six year-old in Kindergarten. We are residents of Mabton, and all of my children have always attended public schools. My family and I decided that Sunnyside Christian would be a great school for Eric to attend because we heard that Sunnyside Christian focused on each of their students’ academic needs.

Eric has always struggled in school due to lack of interest and desire to learn. Since Eric has attended Sunnyside Christian he looks forward to going to school, and we no longer struggle to get him to do his homework. We found that Sunnyside Christian makes learning fun, and his own words has said, “I was having trouble in math and my math teacher didn’t move onto the next lesson until I understood the material, which made me feel good.”

My family and I heard about Sunnyside Christian because my boss Dr. Bill Wavrin, who was a member of the SCS school board, told us how great of a school it was and how involved the parents and teachers are in furthering the education of every student.

We are very pleased with Eric’s progress in school and are looking forward to sending my youngest son Jared to attend Sunnyside Christian School as well next year. We are very thankful that Sunnyside Christian has made such an impact on my son’s academic needs as well as his faith. We are looking forward to becoming more involved with the school and getting to know all of the parents and teachers who make it possible for my son to attend Sunnyside Christian.  

If there are families who have wondered about sending their children to Sunnyside Christian we highly recommend you to look into it, because it’s the best investment you can make towards your child’s future.

If anyone one has questions regarding our experience my phone number is (509)831-7337, and I will gladly answer any questions. You can also contact me through my email.

Again, thank you to the Sunnyside Christian School for welcoming my family with open arms.