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Sharing Our Story - An Introduction

April 07, 2015
By Laura Eisenga

If you’re a regular reader of our Thursday newsletter, then you know that enrollment at Sunnyside Christian is down and the budget deficit it up. When we started our school year in August, we were discouraged at the number of students in our hallways, but were excited about the potential of those same students.

Now here we are two months away from class trips, Track and Field Day and graduations. The weather is warming, the trees are blooming, the students are wearing shorts, and anticipation is in the air. There has been so much good this year.

And we want to tell you about it!

Starting tomorrow, we will feature a Sunnyside Christian family and allow them to tell you their story. We hope this will be an encouragement to all our families and will help us spread the word about how Sunnyside Christian is shaping the hearts, minds and lives of children in the Yakima Valley.

As part of this series, we are also asking that you will join us in promoting Sunnyside Christian to your family and friends. Because of our budget deficit, our tuition should increase $1,000 per student for the 2015-2016 year. Instead, the tuition increase will be small. We are taking a step of faith that God will provide 30 more students for our classrooms next year.

Will you join us in praying for 30 more students? Will you share these stories on your Facebook page? Will you talk about your experiences at SCS with others? Will you invite them to tour our hallways and visit our classrooms?

Let’s see how God will continue to bless Sunnyside Christian School!