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Using Social Media to Promote Sunnyside Christian

September 23, 2013
By Laura Eisenga

Tweets used to come from birds. Posts were what held up the fence. You used to “share” your cookies at lunch and “pin” papers to your bulletin board. Social media has changed those words, and social media has become a key way in promoting Sunnyside Christian School.

Because your friends are listening to you, we’d like to encourage you to use your Facebook time, your tweets, and your pins to help us promote Sunnyside Christian. After all, what they hear is more important than what they hear from us!


  • Like our Facebook page by clicking this link.
  • Tag us in your pictures and status updates! Using the “@” before typing “Sunnyside Christian” will allow you to tag us in your updates. For example, “I really enjoyed the K-8 chapel at @Sunnyside Christian today!” You can also put a location on your pictures, so make sure and use that for SCS!
  • When SCS shares a blog post, Photo Friday, or another announcement, share it on your wall! The “share” link is found right next to the “like” and “comment” buttons. This will help us reach many more people and allow those people to see the culture of SCS!
  • Don’t use Facebook to vent your frustrations. Life isn’t always perfect at Sunnyside Christian. We know that. But a phone call or visit to the teacher or principal will be far more effective. We don’t want a potential family to hear negative rumors on Facebook and decide against sending their child(ren) here because of those bursts of frustration.
         It states in our Parent Handbook that conflicts resolution should be handled like in Matthew 18: 15-17. Jesus encourages us to deal with our problems face to face. If that doesn’t work, then to get help from a friend (or principal).  


  • Follow our Twitter feed by clicking this link.
  • Tag Sunnyside Christian and follow up your tweets with hashtags. For example: I really enjoyed the K-8 chapel at @SsideChristian today. #sunnysidechristian #scsknights
  • Retweet what SCS tweets!
  • Positively promote your activities with Sunnyside Christian. Talk about what your kids are learning about, what they tell you about after school, what you’ve enjoyed about having your children enrolled at SCS, etc.


Thank you for helping us to promote Sunnyside Christian through social media!