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Ending the Year With Thankfulness

May 13, 2013
By Dean Wagenaar

Cicero once wrote, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but also the parent of all others.” 

Dr. George Sweeting, chancellor of Moody Bible Institute, stated: “When you are thankful, you see God’s love and goodness. Your eyes are wide open to His judgments. You are receptive to His will. Unthankfulness, by contrast, blinds the eyes. An unthankful person may not even know that God is in the picture. An unthankful nation is no better. An unthankful nation is an unthinking nation, and its people are in mortal danger. America’s deepest problems come from blindness to the goodness and power of God. These are products of unthankfulness.” 

Both men are absolutely correct! Thankfulness is the pulsating core of all virtue which opens our eyes to God’s provisions.

Albeit the calendar does not indicate this time of year as late November, a spirit of thanksgiving to Almighty God is not limited to one season. This attitude is a daily expression to our Father for all of His blessings. So as we, the SCS community, stride down the home stretch at the close of this school year, let us reflect and meditate on God’s incredible grace, goodness, and blessings.

We thank God-

For Safety - Countless miles traveled on daily bus routes, sports trips, and various activities-some of these on hazardous winter roads!

For Activities (both focused and fun) - Throughout the year, outside of athletics, the students participate in so many opportunities: retreats, banquets, chapels, service ventures, class trips, Close-Up, Career Shadowing, Student Council challenges and games, and pep rallies.

For Academics - Knowledge about God’s wonderful and marvelous creation is imparted consistently as the students learn about the intricacies of this beautiful and stunning world He has placed us in to uphold and maintain.

For Christian Fellowship

For teaching Godliness, righteousness, and striving for Holy Living.

The list of God’s blessings continues on and on… 

The point is obvious. We need to stop, remember, reflect, and thank our Heavenly Father for His gracious blessings every day, every week, every season, and at the close of our school year. Go with God’s blessings!


In Jesus’ Name,
Dean Wagenaar

Zidan says:
May 19, 2014 09:53 AM CST

                                     You are the best forever,

Ahmed Zidan