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Why Paying Tuition is Worth Every Dime

April 09, 2013
By Del Dykstra

It’s that time of the year again when we receive multiple phone calls from new parents asking about Sunnyside Christian School. Soon it will be registration time for the existing parents as well. With that thought in mind it made me reflect on why we invest in quality Christian education. Here are my top 5 reasons that paying tuition is worth every dime:

  1. Christ–centered - Every subject is taught in light of God’s Word. Christian education is way more than chapels, prayers at the start of the day, or even the Bible curriculum. At SCS we want our students to understand that whatever we do we do it to honor and glorify God. So science, history, drama, math, etc are taught from a Christian perspective. The way we play baseball or act in drama class all of life is to bring God glory. We have the assurance that all aspects of school – academics, discipline, social interactions – are from a Christ-centered approach.
  2. Prayer - Teachers and staff pray for your child and with your child. They take this privilege very seriously. It’s reassuring and even comforting to know that the staff at SCS spends time in prayer for our kids.
  3. Home-School-Church - I know you heard me say a thousand times how we want the church, home, and school to work together. It’s comforting to know as parents that the values I have set at home are being reinforced at school. The Bible stories taught at church are the same Bible stories discussed in the classroom. 
  4. Excellence - Yes, Sunnyside Christian School is tough and we (teachers, coaches, etc) expect excellence. Sometimes it may seem like we expect too much, or the assignments are too difficult, but in the long run SCS will prepare every student for their next opportunity. Consistently, when I go back and talk with SCS graduates I hear over and over again how thankful they are that SCS prepared them well for college. 
  5. Unity - While there is a lot of diversity within the Christian community, we have Christ as the center which provides unity for our school. We are proud of the diversity within our school, but our strength is in our unity.