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The Admissions Process at Sunnyside Christian

March 25, 2013
By Laura Eisenga

There are many reasons why I like spring, but one reason is that new families are inquiring about Sunnyside Christian School, and sometimes I get the chance to show them the school! We visit the classrooms, talk to some teachers, see the library and computer lab, etc.

It’s a great chance for me to get to know these families better and answer their questions. It’s also a great way to show off the assets of our school: our teachers and students! No matter what time of day, I know that if I bring a family into a classroom, our students will be engaged with their teacher and with each other.

My favorite visit was with a mom and her son. We walked into the first grade classroom, where Mrs. Schrotenboer was having devotions with her students. They closed in prayer, and soon after, we snuck out of the classroom. The little boy looked up at me and asked, “So this is a Jesus school?” He was excited, and, needless to say, so was I!

Usually by the end of the tour, there is a sense of anticipation. The next step is the application process, which is quite simple: the family needs to fill out all the paperwork.

The most important sheet of paper in the admissions packet is the “Pastor’s Letter of Recommendation.” We require all our families at Sunnyside Christian School to attend a Bible-believing church on a regular basis. We firmly believe that the church, home and school working together gives our students a solid base for their lives.

There are some families who are going through the application process that don’t have a steady church home. We encourage these families to work on finding a church home and establish their families within that body of believers. Our students body attend over 30 churches around the Yakima Valley, and we can give recommendations of churches based on a family’s needs.

After the application is completed, we have interviews with each family. These interviews usually consist of one or two administrators and a member of the admissions committee. The sole purpose of the interview is simply to get to know these families better. It’s a good chance to discuss their expectations of the school, and our expectations for them as parents.

Our goal is to fulfill the desire of every family seeking a Christian education for their child or children. We are usually able to fulfill that goal for families by offering tuition aid packages for those that qualify.

If you or someone you know is interested in Sunnyside Christian School, please contact Laura Eisenga via phone and text at 830-1894, by email, or by sending a message to our SCS Facebook page.