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Good Investments

January 28, 2013
By Del Dykstra

I think back to my high school graduation (that was a long time ago) and ponder the question: If the adults in my life had given me perfect insight into the world of business 30 years into the future, would I have acted upon it? I offer the following scenerios:

  • "Invest in water. People will pay $2.00 a bottle and there will be over 100 brands."

What? Who would ever pay $2.00 for water? You can drink if for free from a hose!

  • "Tennis shoes - A multi-billion a year business with hundreds of styles. People will pay over $150 a pair and fight at Christmas to get just the right pair.

What? Everybody wears high top Canvas Allstars. It's a great shoe - that will never change!

  • People will be willing to pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee in a paper cup. They will have all kinds of choices to buy this $5 coffee, and they will even drive to the place to get it.

What? Yeah right. Who would ever drive out of their way to get coffee when you can make it at home for about a dime a cup?

All of this valuable information would have yielded riches in investments!

But I was given information for a decision that has yielded riches untold – a decision to follow Christ. In that decision, I have become an heir to the King! So, when I reflect back to high school, I realize that adults did give me perfect insight into the world – not just in business, but in all realms. Keeping Christ first, making the decision to follow Him, is worth more than anything!

But maybe I should’ve invested just a little bit of money in water.