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Post-Season Athletics Changes

January 23, 2013
By Dean Wagenaar

Even though not all SCS families follow Sunnyside Christian High School athletics, an explanation for the addition of a Sub-Regional in post-season play this year should be helpful.

Traditionally, because of the geographical location and number (not very many) of 1B schools in south-central Washington, the Greater Columbia 1B League has been awarded, on alternate years, only one allocation to state level participation. Our league is the only 1B league and 1B district in the state limited to one berth during these years. 

Because the WIAA recognizes this limitation, the association implemented a rule some years ago commonly known as the “glue rule.” This rule summarized defines that if a WIAA district only generates one berth, that district may “glue” with another geographically adjacent district who has been allocated more than one berth. 

If a decision is made to glue, some particular rules govern this gluing procedure.

  1. The district with multiple allocations may protect its top allocation.
  2. The district with only one berth, if desiring a glue, must allow their allocated berth to be potentially “taken.” Therein lies a risk. To gain the opportunity to earn a second berth, the district must be willing to lose the guaranteed allocation. 
  3. The district forced to share the additional allocations is afforded the opportunity to host the Sub-Regional; thus our district (District 5) must travel to participate in the matches/games.

Because of the opportunity to earn an extra allocation to the state level, the Greater Columbia 1B has joined with District 4 (southwest Washington) for several sports (volleyball/basketball) where this combination can occur.

Hopefully this summary explains why our athletic teams have or probably will travel to the west side to participate in a Sub Regional-the opportunity for a second team to earn a State or Regional tournament berth.