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What is the SCS Foundation?

December 10, 2012
By Laura Eisenga

Have you checked your mailbox lately? Tucked in amidst the cute Christmas cards, obnoxious credit card offers, and toy ads, is a letter from the Sunnyside Christian School Foundation. If it’s not there, it’ll be there soon! We’d like you to consider making a donation to the Foundation this year, but we realize some of you may not even know the Foundation exists or what it does.

You know that small building that sits between Mr. Dykstra’s house and the market? That’s the Foundation office. That’s where I work, and I invite you to drop in anytime!

In 1947, Sunnyside Christian School began educating Yakima Valley children. Here are some facts to give you some perspective on how long ago that was:

  • Gas cost 15 cents per gallon.
  • A loaf of bread cost 13 cents.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established.
  • Jackie Robinson took to the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers becoming the first African American to play in Major league baseball.
  • The Frisbee was invented.

Since then, Sunnyside Christian School hallways have been full of students learning about our world with a Christian perspective. Our alumni are found all over the United States doing a wide variety of jobs and serving the Lord in wonderful ways.

It’s our goal that in another 65 years and beyond, Sunnyside Christian School is still educating.

The SCS Foundation manages an endowment, which is a large savings account invested through the Barnabas Foundation. As donors continue to give to the endowment, the invested monies continue to mature into a larger nest egg.

Occasionally, the endowment is used for projects to better Sunnyside Christian School. The endowment was used to purchase the Thrift Store building. Also, the lighting throughout SCS was updated last year with funds from the endowment. If there is ever a need that the SCS general fund cannot meet, the endowment is there to help.

Additionally, the Foundation generates money for scholarships. For the 2012-2013 school year, the Foundation gave nearly $20,000 for families who could not meet tuition costs.

But this is what makes it interesting: the money you donate is not spent; it is invested! When you donate to the Foundation, only the interest made endowment and scholarships is spent. The money you donate to the Foundation today will still be generating money 10 years from now! Now that’s a decent return on your investment!

So we encourage you to dig through your mail and make a donation to the Foundation. Or, even easier, you can donate online by setting up a monthly or one-time gift! Please let us know if you’d like your money to grow our endowment or to support our scholarship funds.

For more information about the SCS Foundation, please visit our website by clicking this link.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!