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Not a Bubble

October 15, 2012
By Laura Eisenga

It’s a common misconception that Christian schools are a sheltered community of perfect children always on their best behavior. When mistakes are made by these cherub children, the outside (and usually inside) community collectively gasps and points fingers. 

Obviously, I’m being overdramatic to simply state a point: Christian schools are a differentiated learning environment, a place where God’s name, His love, His creation, and His plan is celebrated.

We often say in our enrollment interviews that Sunnyside Christian School acts like a family. Our students and teachers spend nearly seven hours a day with each other for five days a week. We know each other pretty intimately! We pray for each other, celebrate with each other, play together, eat together, and learn together.

That sounds pretty great, right? But, like a family, we also bicker, pick on each other, push each other at recess, steal a favorite pencil, and generally make bad decisions.

It is living with these mistakes and learning how to discipline them and live with them that is a valuable trait of being within a Christian School. Our teachers can ask our students, “Is this the way Jesus wants you to live?” We can expect excellence of character from our students because God expects us to use our talents and abilities for His glory.

Sunnyside Christian School is not a bubble of perfection, but we definitely are a community of believers. We are responsible to each other, to those in authority, and above all, to our Creator.