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Teachers Renew and Refresh at Convention

October 09, 2012
By Dean Wagenaar
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Last week while SCS students were spending a few days away from school, the SCS teachers enjoyed the privilege of traveling to Lynden to attend the CTABC/NWCSI Teachers’ Convention. Accomodating approximately 1,100 educators while trying to provide numerous options for instructional enhancement is a large challenge; nonetheless, during the sessions excellent presentations existed. Let me share a few observations from the convention.

First, during the opening devotions and worship time both singing and hearing the beautiful voices together praising and glorifying God, especially with the traditional hymns, is a glorious time. Opening God’s Word together also “establishes the foundation” of the first priority we all share in coming together-to glorify God and live by the very spoken words of our Heavenly Father. 

Second, as I renew and “catch-up” on previous friendships from other veteran teachers, the reality of change and growth again becomes apparent. Their children are growing and moving on to college, spreading their wings and owning their futures. Time keeps marching on, and we need to be busy living out God’s call every day in His World. 

Third, with each session I attend, I try to discover one or two workable ideas/practices that I can implement into the school setting and usually those goals are met.

This morning at our staff devotions, I asked several teachers to reflect. I will identify just a few of their thoughts: 

  • Being reminded again of the responsibility of their position and the influence involved.
  • The ability to share ideas for creative lesson plans and activities to enhance learning.
  • To learn more options with the new technology that has now been developed and is available.
  • Numerous teachers shared about being reminded again of how important it is to be immersed in Scripture because they were challenged again by Godly presenters.

These are just a few thoughts on last week’s convention. I suspect all teachers would like to thank the SCS constituency for allowing them to participate in this yearly gathering. Thanks again!

In Christ,
Dean Wagenaar