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Mission Statement:

Sunnyside Christian School is a Christian community where parents and teachers provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education in which the quality of teaching reflects a commitment to Christ.

Sunnyside Christian School assists in developing the whole child: spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.  Students are challenged to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to develop a Christ-like character, and to work to their fullest potential in all they do.

Sunnyside Christian School encourages students to pursue academic achievement, equipping them to fulfill their responsibilities to God, the Christian community, and the world.

What We Believe:

We believe that God, by giving us the Scriptures, revealed to His people life-ordering laws which are relevant to education. The Lord commands man to bring the whole Word of God to shed its power and light upon education.

What We Confess:

  • Triune God who gave and reveals to us the Scriptures which are relevant to education and thus inspires us to work.

    a. God the Father who was and is eternal God, Creator, Preserver, and Restorer of the world. We can understand this world only when we study through God.

    b. Jesus Christ who was and is eternal God, our living Lord. He has reconciled the world to God and redeems our lives. Therefore, our lives should express themselves in gratitude to Him.

    c. The Holy Spirit who was and is eternal God, renews our hearts to love God and our neighbors. He directs our understanding to know God, ourselves and our world.

  • Man is created in the image of God to enjoy fellowship with his Creator. Man reflects in his person and work the excellence of his Master.

  • The Bible is the only inspired, infallible, authoritative written Word of God. Through it the Holy Spirit enlightens our understanding of God, ourselves and our world.

  • Life is a gift from God. God created man to live life in total commitment to Him. He demands that we educate our children to that end.

  • Sin is disobedience to God’s will. Man, by sinning, was separated from God and his neighbor, and brought  God’s curse upon the creation. As a result, man has become corrupt and misuses the knowledge of God which confronts him in creation and scripture.

  • The Kingdom of God is established by God’s rule and makes education possible and meaningful. We reject all attempts to withdraw from the commandment to love God above all and our neighbor as self.

  • The Purpose of Education is to encourage growth in understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and righteousness as a daily response to the child’s personal heart commitment to Christ.

  • Parents have God-given responsibility to nurture and train their children. Christian parents may choose to share this responsibility with an institution able to carry forward their God-given task.

  • Children are entrusted by God to their parents. They need order, correction, and instruction. Children of Christian parents are entitled to study the world and deal with life’s issues and problems from a Christian perspective.

  • Teachers are servants of God. The teacher must be committed to Christ and must help guide the child to commitment and service. The teacher is also a co-worker with the parents since the school is an extention of the home.